MINIKINO FILM WEEK (MFW) – Bali International Short Film Festival is an annual event.

MFW – Bali International Short Film Festival, founded in 2015 as a unique and out of ordinary International Short Film Festival in Bali, reaching out the daily life of the local community. Screens are arranged to provide opportunities for people to re-experiencing the collective film viewing, furthermore to build a space to discuss about their experiences, promoting critical thinking of what they have just watched. Larger screen, viewing the screening together, stimulating and encouraging social awareness. Through Bali International Short Film Festival, MFW is in the works to rebuild the cinema culture in Bali.

MFW live screenings is an open and free entry for public. By providing age rating guides, MFW also offer responsibility to society, to choose and sort out what might be appropriate to watch.

MFW involves a variety of Micro Cinema & Pop-Up Cinema venues around the island, proposes accessibility for locals in Bali, as well as offering a compelling and unique exposure, for those who want to visit and get to experience Bali more intimately. Uma Seminyak will host the screening and another program during MFW7 from 4 - 7 September 2021.


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