Klasik Beans

There are many small things that got taken for granted in our daily lives. Everyday things that we consider too ordinary, too frequent or even things that we no longer consider as important. • From the 1st - 10th of September, together with @titiktemubali and @kopiflorist(#KlasikBeans), we would like to revisit the small things that make #KlasikBeans the way they are now, as they truly believe in the impact of doing small things sincerely. For those who happens to be in Bali, we will also be running a series of coffee workshop and a Kopi Tubruk competition on the 9th and 10th of September with the grand prize of staying at #KlasikBeansshelter, @blacklavahostel. • So don't forget to see the photo exhibition, attend the workshop, and participate in the Kopi Tubruk competition! See you all in Bali! #klasikbeansexperience#klasikbeans #klasikbeansexhibition #umaseminyak#hiddengeminseminyak