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Coffee Journey

  • Our deepest gratitude for @kopiflorist and pak @purnomowidieko(and team @hieronimusaby @ilhamfathw@blacklavahostel) for bringing us closer to the invaluable local wisdom and stories from coffee farmers and producers from different part of Indonesia. Thank you for representing the most important part of coffee journey that are often forgotten or taken for granted. Finally, thank you for those who have come and helped us throughout the event @masjacob @umaseminyak @sekencoffee@michael.c.wright @aretta_coffee We have gained new knowledge and perspectives as fuel to continue doing small things sincerely & wholeheartedly. See you all again next year!

  • purnomowidiekoThank you banyak... i learn this word in bali... many balinese say this....hehhe..... very much appreciated.



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