MFW Open Screening Is a unique screening event open for the public. Anyone can register their short film to be screened following these regulations:

  1. Representatives must attend the screening and are given a maximum of 3 minutes to present their short film.

  2. Short film registration is done on location. A digital copy of the film must be provided and ready to screen. Only films using H.264 standard video compression and 1080p HD resolution will be accepted.

  3. Only 1 film per director/representative.

  4. Short films must be no longer than 20 min. All short films are welcome. No selection process.

  5. Films will be screened from the shortest to the longest in duration.

  6. The event will run for 2 hours max. Shorter films are more likely to be screened.

*Please be aware that content at this event may be unpredictable and potentially inappropriate for minors.


SEN/MON 6 20:00 @umaseminyak

Note: WITA (+8 GMT)


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