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Solo Exhibition by Rama Indirawan

28 July - 13 August 2023

at Uma Seminyak

"If you are reading this, you are still alive" is a passage from
one of Rama Indirawan's creations in SUTTASOMA, his inaugural exhibition at Uma Seminyak in Bali, Indonesia. The exhibition opened on Friday, 28th July at 05:00 PM and run until 13th August.

The title is derived from Rama Indirawan's own alter ego named Suttasoma. It represents his method of seeking balance, moderating the extremes of life through questions, statements, and reflections, granting him the freedom to manifest anything imaginable.

The name Suttasoma pays homage to the Javanese poem Kakawin Sutasoma from the 14th century. Authored by Mpu Tantular, it narrates the epic journey of Sutasoma, with one of the story's values emphasizing the importance of tolerance. A passage from this poem, "Bhinekka Tunggal Ika" became Indonesia's motto, symbolizing unity in diversity.

SUTTASOMA offers a glimpse into the mind of Suttasoma through a diverse range of creations, including paintings, collages, mixed media, manual printing, and installations. The exhibition delves into various contexts such as evolving modern habits, cultural barriers, the contrast between past and present, sociopolitical realities, spirituality, and obsessions.

IG Post - SUTTASOMA_edited.jpg

Rama Indirawan

Rama Indirawan emphasizes writings or texts for his works by utilizing literacy and its various transformations. Words merge with paintings, photographs, objects, and other imageries as instruments that try to convey messages, give perspectives, or spread meaning.

Currently living in Bali, Rama spends his days walking fast, running slow, and
roaming around the island with an old motorcycle. Experiencing everything from the
good to the bad—finding a balance between both




Uma Seminyak offers stunning artworks from emerging living in Bali. Our mission is to make art more accessible to people and to promote the talents of untapped talents to the public. For further information about the Artworks and Exhibition, please contact our manager via WhatsApp or IG below.

Ruth Onduko

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