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Uma Seminyak: A Hub of Creativity and Community

​Uma Seminyak is a creative space supporting local artists, designers, and artisans. The space encourages collaboration and creativity through our versatile areas for workshops, exhibitions, performances, and gatherings. Uma Seminyak values community, art, and innovation, offering a platform for exchange and inspiration.

Creative Space @ Wantilan
Architecure Exhibition IYA Bali
Community Event
Artisan Gathering
Community Event - Screening
Pop Up Market - Pasar Baik
Photography Exhibition
Creative Workshop
Art Exhibition
Art Workshop for Kids


Augment Duo, consisting of two Indonesian artists, is founded on a shared vision of harnessing the transformative power of art to shift perspectives and stimulate critical thinking. The duo's inception stemmed from a casual discussion regarding our values as artists and thoughtful exchanges on strategies to amplify our stories through creative programming.


A young and spirited harpist from Indonesia, Felita started hervpassion in music by learning piano at the age of 3. She then receivedva full scholarship for the harp performance bachelor program in Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music in NUS Singapore after learning to play the instrument for only three years. Currently, Felita is pursuing M.M. in Harp Performance at Boston University with a full-ride scholarship. Felita has deepened her learning in harp performance through international music events including the World Harp Congress 2017 in Hong Kong, and Ticino Musica 2019 in Switzerland. Felita was a harp fellow in Spoleto festival USA 2023 in Charleston, SC where she worked with Grammy Award winner Anthony Roth Costanzo for the innovative musical fantasia “Only an Octave Apart”. She has also performed in major concert halls in Singapore and Boston, namely Victoria Concert Hall, Esplanade, and Boston Symphony Hall.


Her passion in creative music production has allowed her to program and manage collaborative projects, including ‘Nuansa’ 2019 – a student-led musical–, a dramatic reading at Voilah! Festival 2020 by the French Embassy in Singapore, and ‘Foreword’ 2022–a multidisciplinary concert involving music, poetry, animation, and lighting projection. Most recently, she and her colleauges started a musical wellness experience, Soundscaping, which combines guided

imagery, live performance, and live electronic. Soundscaping successfully gained overwhelmingly positive responses after pilot performances in luxury hotels in Bali as well as Boston University. She believes that collaborative art is effective to include art in our everyday lives. Through the power of art, we can create a coherent community that has a wide perspective of life and its challenges.



THALIA HALIM (painter)

Thalia Halim is a young artist who took a unique path in the art world. Despite not having any formal art education, she's a self-taught and determined painter who started drawing at the age of four, winning competitions along the way. But her life wasn't solely focused on art. She engages in various other activities, including pursuing studies in hotel management at Petra Christian University while building businesses in the food and beverage sector and the bicycle industry. Additionally, Thalia also works part-time as part of an event organizer team, graphic designer, photographer, and content specialist.


In 2023, Thalia rediscovered her love for art, exploring digital illustration alongside more traditional painting techniques. Thalia's works are characterized by the use of bright and pastel colors to create a lively and energetic atmosphere. Each of Thalia's paintings is a narrative that expresses stories and emotions, containing deep meaning and depicting issues that are close to everyday life. As a starting point in her artistic career, Thalia actively participates in various community activities with the Garis Gathuk art community. Additionally, Thalia has participated in several art exhibitions and is currently preparing for a Duo Exhibition to be held at Balai Pemuda in November 2024. In a world increasingly dominated by technology and artificial intelligence, Thalia believes that the existence of painting provides a space for humans to continue honing their creativity, expressing feelings, thoughts, and experiences in a way that cannot be replaced by technology.

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