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Situated in the heart of Uma Seminyak, Creative Space at Uma Seminyak is offering a place for the creative community in Bali to hold many kinds of events. Our space aims to provide a melting pot for a creative individual and community that can evoke collaboration between the cross-disciplinary, connect, and grow together. We co-create and co-design various programs ranging from design & art exhibitions, discussions, workshops, film screenings, and performances, to pop-up markets.


Charity Art Exhibition
Featuring works by various artists.

26 JANUARY - 8 FEBRUARY 2024 at Uma Seminyak

No upcoming events at the moment

Exhibiting Artists

Agus Yudha

Damar Langit Timur

Damuh Bening

Dwi Anita


Kartika Tri Dewi

Kinara Dewi

Made Bayak


Yere Agusto

About the Exhibition

Join us in promoting environmental awareness through art at the Chitrakala Charity Group Exhibition. Featuring the works of local artists, this exhibit seeks to raise funds for @malu.dong

The opening takes place on Friday, January 26th, 2024 at @umaseminyak starting from 4pm onwards. During the exhibit's first weekend, there will be talks, workshops, and gallery tours.

The exhibition is open to the public with free admission until February 8th, 2026. Come and support the cause!

This event is organized by and initiated by @xcrisnax 

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