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Familiar Strangers

Solo Exhibition by Kania Giana 

12 May - 31 May 2023

at Uma Seminyak

We are strangers at first, that’s what drives us either excited or maybe scared when run into unfamiliar faces. It can lead us to judgment at first glance, but remember.. nothing is as it seems. We are simply equal especially when it comes to our natural expressions. Here is Kamia's first exhibition, she wants to bring you daily peculiar to mundane emotions from different strangers whom she encountered.


So please enjoy and most of all, don’t be a stranger.

Field of Flowers

Kania Giana

(b. Jakarta,1988)

A visual artist who was born and bred in Jakarta and then moved to Bali, her second home. She was brought up in the advertising industry, still with a passion for art always in her mind, practicing it as a hobby. But after years of working, Kania finally had the guts to take the time off she needed to focus only to explore her love for painting. Having an educational background so far away from the art major, which is economics, Kania is self-taught. She explores day to day from pencil, watercolor, colored pencil, and gouache, then gets attached to acrylic paint. Her picks of color slowly directed to the spectrums of neon, as she has an obsession with the palette chosen in Dario Argento’s films. Having a quirk in observing people. she is passionate about portraits and figures. She started painting almost all of her friends and family, then strangers. 

Familiar Strangers Artworks


Uma Seminyak offers stunning artworks from emerging living in Bali. Our mission is to make art more accessible to people and to promote the talents of untapped talents to the public. For further information about the Artworks and Exhibition, please contact our manager via WhatsApp or IG below.

Ruth Onduko

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