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31 July - 10 August 2022

at  Uma Seminyak



Sometimes we land in the space between.
We are neither here nor there.
We awaken from a clouded sleep to dancing flowers.
Darkness and light weave a veil, obscuring or hinting at possibilities .

The unimagined blossoms, as openings pose questions or truths about this, that, here, there,

what is tangible and what is not.
I drop down from the lower east side (NYC), burned through the magma and darkness to
emerge in the ocean, cleansed by the rush of water pouring over my head, washing away what I no longer need.
The gateway between
To wonder at balance
As we teeter between the pulsing alternatives
Work becomes meditation
Becomes ritual
Becomes openings

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About the Artist

My work is often site specific and installations grow from a response to a space and the ensuing dialog with place.
For “BETWEEN,” I wanted to bring natural materials (hand spun yarns and grapevine charcoal) from NY (my home base) and combine them with natural materials I might find here. As well, I wanted to work with the ideas and language of place as they interacted with the conceptual leanings of my practice.

Art creates openings and thresholds, the places of transition. Here in Bali, I was moved by the language of objects. I was struck by the Candi Bentar, representing the line between holy grounds and the outside world, the concept of duality and the balance to be sought. The Wayang Kulit also plays with light and dark and the balance of polarities. The Canang Sari (ca = beauty, nang = purpose) brought the balance of life to the everyday. These daily offerings spoke of our connection to the spiritual and our responsibilities in right thought, right speech and right action, attending with gratitude and reverence in life, along with impermanence. The tridatic and trimurti representing the awakening of goodness in spirit; creativity and bravery; and protection from bad influences; also spoke to me, as after all, this too is the language of art.

“BETWEEN” is my offering and the synthesis of my own thoughts and practices coupled with the effect of exploring Bali and attempting to touch into the genius loci of this island. Many thanks to Ketemu Project for having me and sharing a Bali I would not have seen on the typical tourist treadmill.

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